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March 10, 2022

How to get AHEAD on your episodes

How to get AHEAD on your episodes

Falling behind on your episodes? Can't keep up? Listen in to learn how to keep up with the madness!

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Are you struggling to stay consistent with your podcast episodes? It can be challenging to keep up with the weekly grind of your episodes. Writing show notes, making time to record, scheduling guests. It's tough! Eric talks about ways to get the madness under control.


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Eric Beels 0:01
Are you falling behind on your episodes? struggling to keep up, try this quick tip to get ahead of your game. You're listening to practical podcast Tips. My name is Eric Beels. And today I'm going to cover Tip number eight how to get ahead on your episodes, a lot of podcasters tend to fall behind on their episodes and end up skipping weeks. Let's talk about ways on getting ahead. Now, I know podcasting can be daunting or exhausting. Sometimes I get it, maybe you're falling behind on your episodes, because you just can't keep up. If you're struggling to finding guests for your episodes. If guests are a primary part of your episodes. Or maybe you're extremely busy and just unable to keep up with your work schedule, let alone your podcast schedule. I'll tell you this, I 100% relate 100% get it and understand. In this episode, I'm just gonna cover some ways on helping you get ahead or stay ahead on your episodes. The first tip that I have, this might be obvious, but a lot of people just don't do it. And that is backlog in your episodes, instead of just recording an episode and then publishing it right away or scheduling it for you know, the next day or a couple of days from now backlog your episodes schedule it for a month out. So each episode that you're recording, you're planning on it not going out for about a month or so. But you're doing weekly episodes. So you're really your your plan is to stay about a month ahead. I think that's a really balanced way to stay ahead. And the reason you do that is if for some reason, you know you get sick or something, you something comes up and you just can't record for whatever reason, well, you still have four episodes ahead. So then you'll end up being three episodes ahead, or you know, maybe you're out sick for two weeks. Well, that allows you to still keep publishing episodes, then you can get caught up again. A second thing is to batch record your episodes. What's nice about batch recording is least with me, I get kind of in a frame of mind where I'm just like, Okay, I'm ready to my episode, I'm ready to record, let's sit down and I have to kind of get in the zone a bit. When you're in that zone, sometimes it's helpful to do multiple episodes. Even if you have longer ones, 3040 minutes, maybe you can plan to batch record multiple all in one day, like spend a Saturday recording four of them, then you're good for that month, or for the following month if you've already got four on backlog, so I plan to try recording all of your episodes at once. Now, if you have guests, I try to schedule them all in one day, if possible. I know that can be very challenging to try to schedule everyone in one day. But even if you can get to in one day, that's when in my book also planned to have that guests that your recording, set the expectation for them that hey, this episode, just to let you know, it's not going to come out right away, it's not gonna be on the next one, it's going to come out in about a month or so. One that that sets the expectation for the guest. And it also helps you get ahead. The last thing is think about ways you can make the show easier on you. If you have a guest heavy show, maybe you can plan to have a guest on one week and then a monologue. The next The nice thing about doing a monologue, you're not dependent on other people in that regard. It's much easier method on maintaining your show. So plan ahead, batch record your episodes, get them on a backlog. And you know if you only got two episodes on backlog, hey, that's great. You're doing fantastic. But let's get two more on there. Get four. And if you're just kind of each week, you're like, I gotta do my podcast again. I got to do you know it's starting to get caught up on you. Batch record them so you can take a couple weeks off, give yourself a break from that, I think goes a really long ways towards keeping consistency in your podcast. That's my tip for the day. I'll see you in the next episode. Hey, thanks for listening. If you liked this episode, feel free to leave us a review. I'd love to hear how it helped. Also, if you know somebody else that could benefit from it. Go ahead and share it with them. Thanks again and see you in the next episode.