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Practical Podcast Tips

Practical Podcast Tips

Looking for effective, simple and practical podcast tips? Are you just getting started with podcasting and not sure where to begin? Eric & Amber both give advice on helping you become a better podcaster using short, bite sized episodes. Podcasting can get challenging and exhausting, so doing what you can to make your time more efficient is one of the keys to maintaining your successful podcast. Stay consistent, stay effective, and grow your podcast!

New episodes released every Tuesday & Thursday!

Recent Episodes

How to RECORD to make editing EASIER

May 24, 2022

Learn how to record your podcast episodes so that your post production is easier. Amber gives some easy tips so that you or your editor have an easier time editing your episodes.

How to REMOVE HUM from a recording

May 20, 2022

Is it possible to remove that hum or tone? Eric talks about some ways to remove that hum and tone!

What's causing that HUM?!

May 18, 2022

Is there a hum that's driving you crazy? In this episode, Eric talks about some of the possible causes for humming or strange tones. There could be any number of issues, so check out this episode as Eric walks you through so…

Edit YOURSELF, or HIRE out?

May 12, 2022

In this episode Amber talk about how to know if you need editing, and where to go from there!

Software to Monetize Your Podcast

May 11, 2022

There's some different options out there for monetizing your podcasts with DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion), but which ones should you use?

Lead Generation with Podcasting

April 28, 2022

Monetizing your podcast can be tricky and confusing. In this episode we talk about another way to monetize your podcast-lead generation.

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