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April 19, 2022

Is the PODCASTING world TOO saturated?

Is the PODCASTING world TOO saturated?


Amber Beels 0:02
There are so many other podcasts that are similar to my topic, should I even try to start my own? Let's talk about that. You're listening to Practical Podcast Tips. My name is Amber Beels. And today I'm going to cover tip number 21. Is the podcasting world too saturated? Well, let's talk about it.

Now, I know if you've been on Apple podcasts lately, or Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts, you will see that there's hundreds upon 1000s upon 10s of 1000s of podcasts out there. There's a podcast about everything. I'm pretty sure if you just looked up a podcast about I don't know, farming worms, I'm sure you'll find one out there. And if you do, please comment, because I'm interested now. But you get it, there are so many podcasts out there. And to think that you have a unique idea that somebody else hasn't done or hasn't tried to launch is kind of hard to believe just because nobody has an original thought, right? I mean, it's very rare if somebody has an original idea, or somebody accuses you of stealing something, when really was your idea, but just it was a great idea. And another great mind thought alike like you. So there are so many podcasts out there, and there are more being launched every single day, there's always somebody launching a new one, they come out weekly, they come up monthly, they come out my monthly, whatever people decide to do, there's just Oh, a lot out there. And because people like to talk and people love to listen. So there's gonna be a market for pretty much everything. And I know there, it can be a little intimidating to think, well, you know, I have this idea for a podcast. But you know, I found one or two or three or maybe five other podcasts that are very similar to my idea. So is it even worse? Me trying to start my own podcast? Because there's so many other ones to listen to? Why would someone pick mine? For example, true crime. True Crime is such a big topic. And it's such a big genre in the podcasting world. I mean, you can find it on YouTube, you find it in podcasting, people just love true crime. And I'm one of those people, I love true crime. If you are a lover of this topic, then you might be like, You know what, I want to start my own podcast because like I found other crime cases, or I have a different take on this certain crime. And I want to try to start my own, but I feel like it's just gonna get lost with all the other podcasts out there. Now, I want to encourage you, because you are so different from everyone else, somebody is going to resonate with you, that maybe they don't resonate with all those other True Crime podcasts or whatever genre that you want to pick, somebody is going to resonate with you better than anything else, and you're going to have a different spin, you're going to have your own take, you're going to look at things differently than other people. So don't be afraid to start your own podcast, somebody's gonna find it, somebody's gonna listen to you. And if you promote it, right, you're gonna have an audience that maybe they switch from some of those other podcasts to listen to yours, or you know what, maybe they listen to both because there's a lot of true crime out there, but maybe their true crime junkie and they just the more podcasts there are, they're gonna listen to it. So you are going to have an audience. So don't be afraid to start your own. Because again, you are your own person. Don't be afraid to be you, you're gonna have your own jokes, you're gonna have your own takes your own opinions, your own laughter, maybe somebody doesn't like somebody else's laugh on the other podcast, and so they find yours and have a more pleasant laugh. Okay, great, you just gained a new follower. So don't be afraid to be you. Don't be afraid to try to, you know, maybe reach a different kind of audience in this genre. You know, there's so many different types of people out there and there's so many likes and dislikes and you're going to fit in this niche somewhere, you're gonna find your little place. So please, don't be afraid to start your own podcasts and say you have your podcast for a few months and then you decide you know what, I want to change my niche. I want to change my topic, because that happens all the time. Some people they start out and they're like, Okay, I'm, this is gonna be my podcast, and this is what it's going to be about. But then as they go along, it kind of evolves into something different. And that's the beauty of podcasting. It's it's a little more freedom in that way. It's a little more organic, and that you can change your genre you can change the your format or the way you do things and that's okay people like change in podcasting. I do. I love seeing a new fresh take or a new fresh opinion or a different way of doing it or maybe a new intro, just anything that makes it a little more fresh. People, they embrace that. And so I think you should too. Yeah. So just remember to not be intimidated. If somebody else has a similar topic to you, you will be different by nature because you are a completely different person, and people are going to resonate with you. So I hope that helps. Thank you guys for listening, and I'll see you in the next episode.

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